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Products and Services

Continental Farms, Inc. continually improves its services and products through safety training, equipment upgrades, and continuing education. We are proud to have experienced personnel in all areas of service that we provide. That includes employees that have been with the company for its entire 15 year existence!

All of our work is completed in strict compliance with Federal, State and local permits and regulations. We are completely licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and benefit.


  • Biosolids removal
  • Biosolids dewatering
  • Biosolids land application

Water Treatment Sludge (lime):

  • Water treatment sludge (lime) removal
  • Water treatment lime land application

Regulatory Permitting and Reporting:

  • Sludge Generator Permit (Title 35 Part 391 IEPA)
  • Water Treatment Sludge Generator Permit (Title 35 Part 251 IEPA)
  • Monthly Operating Reporting (complying with Part 391)

P.O. Box 1082 * Peotone, IL 60468
Phone: (708) 258-3309 * Fax (708) 258-0337

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