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About Continental Farms ...

Continental Farms, Inc. began in 1985. The company started out beneficially reusing wastewater biosolids by land applying them to farmland owned and operated by Continental Farms, Inc. The utilization of biosolids as a soil conditioner and fertilizer has grown steadily as the economic and agronomic benefits have become clear. The recycling of biosolids has proven environmentally sound when conducted in compliance with the state (IL EPA) and federal (US EPA) regulations. Thousands of acres of farmland are now benefiting from biosolids application services provided by Continental Farms, Inc.

Continental Farms, Inc. and Continental Services provided other services including, dredging and dewatering of silt and sediment, utilization of phosphate fertilizer recovered from byproducts of the detergent manufacturing industry, and removal and land application of drinking water treatment lime.

Today, we take pride in providing biosolids to crop producers in the midwest. In doing so, we provide an environmentally sound outlet for the final product of over twenty municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants in metropolitan Chicago. Continental Farms, Inc. also continues to remove and reuse drinking water treatment lime. We are a full service company providing transportation, application, and incorporation of biosolids and water treatment lime, as well as technical, regulatory, and educational information provided by our own environmental staff. Please view a complete current list of our products and services.

Whether you are visiting our site for business or educational purposes, we thank you for your interest. We look forward to providing quality products and services for you.

P.O. Box 1082 * Peotone, IL 60468
Phone: (708) 258-3309 * Fax (708) 258-0337

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